The Storm Cuddle Curve Performance® Pillow is engineered with dual-sided comfort, an instant-cooling cover, and breathable Air-X® mesh with air vents for cross ventilation, while its curved shape contours your body for enhanced comfort.

Firmness Level:

Soft Firm Firmness Scale


Ideal For:

  • Warm/Hot Sleepers
  • Prefers Memory Foam Feel
  • Recovery Focused Sleep
  • Stomach, back, and side sleepers



Curved to Contour

Your body has curves, your pillow should too. Enhance your comfort with a unique Cuddle Curve design that’s made to contour all the curves of your body.


The Cool Side of the Pillow – Every Time

Sleep hot? Ver-Tex is designed to keep you cool throughout the night by dispersing heat away from your head, neck, and shoulders.


Dual-Sided Comfort

Storm Cuddle Curve comes with dual-sided comfort – one side soft, one side firm. With just the flip of your pillow, you can adjust your comfort level with ease.


Sleep. Clean. Repeat.

Keep your pillow fresh night after night with Storm Cuddle Curve’s removable and machine washable cover.

Product Specifications

Build, Materials & Care


  • Ver-Tex Cover with Air-X Mesh and Air Vents
  • React Blend Fill in Active Core React Crown


  • Removable, washable cover
Shipping, Warranty & Returns


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  • Rest easy knowing that all of our high-quality pillows are designed to last. When purchased from our website, your new pillow is covered by 1-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. So, if it doesn’t live up to BEDGEAR’s standards, no worries – we’ve got you covered.


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Measurements & Dimensions


  • 20″ W x 26″ L

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you differentiate which side is firmer and which side is softer?

When the pillow name is read facing up right, it is the firmer side. When the pillow name is facing upside down, it is the softer side.

What are the benefits of the Cuddle Curve?

Our bodies have curves, we believe that your pillow should too. Our Cuddle Curve shape is designed to contour the curves of your body, enhancing your comfort no matter which position you sleep in.

Is the cover removable?

Yes, Storm Cuddle Curve has a zip-off removable and washable cover and can be placed in the dryer to help maintain a clean and healthy sleep environment.

What are the benefits of the Air-X technology?

Air-X technology keeps the air flowing in and around the pillow to help the body naturally regulate its temperature. Air-X helps move heat away from the head, neck and shoulders to reduce sweat and create an ideal sleep temperature for a better-quality rest at night.

What is the benefit of Ver-Tex™ technology?

BEGDEAR’s patented Ver-Tex™ technology provides an instant-cooling effect to reduce sweat and heat buildup.

What is the benefit of React™ technology?

BEDGEAR’s patented React™ technology provides conforming and pressure relief for enhanced comfort.

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