Dreamland Luxury Pillow Top
Natural Latex

Natural Latex

Edge to Edge Support

Edge-to-Edge Support

Copper Benefits

Copper Benefits



CertiPUR-US Foam

CertiPUR-US® Foams

Adjustable Base Friendly

Adjustable Base Friendly

Natural Latex

High Coil Count

Dreamland Luxury Pillow Top Layers

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Copper Performance Foam

Homeopathic benefits and increased contouring comfort

High Performance Plush Foam

Adds support and plush comfort

HyPURGel Plush Foam

Optimal temperature control and invigorating supportive comfort

Copper Memory Foam

Provides several health benefits while enabling more sound sleep

Plush 5-Zone Contour Foam

Provides comfort and reduces pressure points where your body needs it most

Plush Natural Latex

An all-natural layer that provides superior sleeping comfort with supple support and gentle responsiveness adjusting to changes in sleeping positions quickly and quietly


Provides unique, responsive feel and durable sleep surface

Premium Quantum Edge Individually-Encased Coils

Premium individually encased coil unit with edge-to-edge support, reducing the feeling of roll-off while minimizing movement transfer across the mattress

Support Base Foam

Provides durable foundation

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